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For many years Novawood, located in Bubenheim, Germany, has specialized in wooden materials and resin. They provide you with highly figured, spalted, curly, stabilized or plain exotic woods. In the shop you will find a selection of currently available articles, in the blog you can find information on new arrivals or product samples. They will gladly offer to assist you with the selection of a perfectly matching piece of wood as well as to provide you with the ideal wood for major product additions. Follow this link to the Novawood website.

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Guarim Goncalves Neto

In Guarim’s own words his job is “to find and deliver the best special wood from around the world, so his customers can produce their art.” In addition to desert ironwood his inventory includes: Maple (burl, curly, birdseye, quilted), Buckeye burl, Amboyna burl, Curly mango, Box elder burl, and Brazilian burls. Guarim’s business is located in Campo Grande, Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil. He is the only authorized reseller for in South America. You can reach Guarim through Instagram @Guarim.madeiras.

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Grumpy Guy Pens

Grumpy Guy Pens is all about handcrafted writing instruments, or pens, made one at a time. The pens are made from both wood and resin. I turn them on a lathe, sand, finish and assemble them one at a time. Making each pen unique and one of a kind. The wood I use comes from several sources, but I try to reclaim or repurpose as much as I can. The resin is a two-part mix that I color and cast myself. All the pens and other items I make are made to be used every day for years to come. I am a veteran, I served for 20 years with the Air Force so Grumpy Guy Pens is a 100% veteran owned company. So come to the website, look around, hopefully you’ll see something you like and can’t live without and get a little Grumpy. Grumpy Guy Pens